The Message of the Mayor

To all our distinguished guests, Greetings;

Our city is located in the heart of a geography full of historical and cultural riches. Ancient cities, particularly Troia, natural wonders such as Mt. Ida and the Dardanelles, martyrdoms and other cultural heritages of old Anatolian communities that we can not list their names one by one which have reached today…

One of the most valuable cultural heritages is ceramics; Ceramics of Çanakkale.

In fact, our city is one of the three cities in the world which has got its name from ceramics.

When the need for protecting and sustaining this precious heritage emerged, we decided to open a museum. Our aim was to create a continuously developing dynamic and live museum while reflecting the city’s character from the past to the present besides it highlighting the future. Within this scope, The Çanakkale Ceramic Museum took on a very important mission.

This historical building renovated in order to be used as a museum, bears characteristics for keeping our traditional ceramics preserved and alive during its journey to the future.

I would like to thank everyone who has shown great sensitivity and effort in keeping Çanakkale Ceramics -one of the most beautiful samples of history, culture and art- alive with self devotion and transferring them to the future, and I would also like to thank you, the distinguished guest, who has enriched this effort.

Best regards,